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What Makes The Body Shoppe Different?

The Body Shoppe & 24-Hour Gym stands out from others for several reasons. First, we focus on providing a personalized approach to fitness training and group classes, where we work closely with every member to understand their unique fitness needs and goals, and design customized workouts accordingly. This allows us to provide a more tailored and effective experience that will help our clients achieve their desired results. Second, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our members. We maintain a clean and hygienic environment, with regular disinfection and cleaning protocols in place. We also have experienced and certified trainers who can provide guidance and support throughout every workout, ensuring that our members are performing the exercises safely and effectively. Lastly, we foster a positive and motivating atmosphere in our studio, where our members feel welcomed and supported during their fitness journey. Our trainers are friendly and always approachable, and we have an amazing community of members who encourage and motivate each other to achieve their fitness goals. Overall. The Body Shoppe & 24-Hour Gym offers a unique and personalized approach to fitness training, prioritizes safety and well-being, and fosters a positive and motivating atmosphere that sets us apart from big box gyms and other fitness studios.


Fran Belanger Fitness Trainer At The Body Shoppe Near Mountain Lakes

Fran Belanger

Master Trainer

Jamie Voit

Master Trainer
Mauricio Barriga Gym Coach At The Body Shoppe Near Boonton

Mauricio Barriga

Master Trainer

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