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Top-Rated Gym Programs In Boonton

Personal Training

Experience the excellence of The Shoppe’s personal training program! Our dedicated team crafts personalized workout plans tailored to your goals and needs, ensuring optimal results and injury prevention. With attention to detail and unwavering support, we push you to your limits in a motivating environment. Trust us to keep you on track and progressing towards your fitness aspirations.

Group Fitness Classes

Experience the excellence of our group fitness classes! Feel the energizing atmosphere from the moment you arrive. With meticulously planned sessions, we ensure every class builds upon the last to support your fitness journey. Our attention to detail guarantees comfort and engagement for all participants. Trust our exceptional ability to motivate and inspire as we share a genuine passion for improving health and wellness.

24-Hour Gym

The Shoppe’s 24/7 Gym Access offers unparalleled convenience for busy individuals or those with non-traditional schedules. With round-the-clock access, you can exercise at your convenience, fitting workouts seamlessly into your day. Prioritize consistency and flexibility in your fitness journey with us.

Weight Loss Programs

Experience our remarkable weight loss programs, offering a comprehensive and personalized approach for sustainable results. From tailored consultations to ongoing support, we create an empowering environment for lasting lifestyle changes. Our programs integrate exercise and nutrition, with customized plans to fit individual needs and goals.

Recovery Suite

(Sauna and Cold Plunge)

Both sauna and cold plunge therapies offer myriad benefits to human physiology, whether used individually or in tandem. Sauna therapy aids in regulating internal temperature, detoxifying the body and enhancing skin health, while cold plunge therapy boosts mitochondrial function, promotes metabolism and supports weight loss. When combined, these therapies synergize to amplify overall wellness, including weight loss, improved immunity, reduced inflammation, enhanced circulation, muscle recovery, stress reduction and more.

Smoothie Bar

Indulge in our Healthy Hydration Smoothies, crafted with a wealth of nutritious ingredients for optimal health. Featuring fresh fruits, vegetables and superfoods, our blends offer a delectable fusion of taste and nourishment. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, they complement any diet seamlessly. Explore our diverse range of flavors and combinations to find your perfect match.

Beauty & Health IVs

Our Beauty & Health IVs are specially formulated to rejuvenate your body and amplify your health. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts and anyone seeking a wellness boost, these IV therapies are designed to hydrate, detoxify, and replenish essential nutrients faster and more efficiently than traditional methods. Our tailored blends include antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that support vibrant skin, enhanced immune function, and increased energy levels, helping you look and feel your best.

I’ve tried out many gyms, workout programs, videos…you name it, I’ve done it! However nothing has caught my attention and had me coming back for more like The Body Shoppe NJ.

- Kaitlin H

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